Bye bye chain, hello Belt drive

A bicycle and its chain... inextricably connected. But the chain can cause some severe headaches. You're on the road, cycling, it just started raining and then... the chain is running off. You can't go further so have to put your bike upside-down and try to get the chain back on. Due to the dirt and grease you will get your hands dirty, guaranteed. But with the Belt drive this is something of the past!

What is the Belt drive?

The Belt drive is a plastic belt, mostly used at the more sporty bicycles. But nowadays you can also find the Belt drive on city bikes. A few major benefits of the Belt drive versus the traditional chain are:

  • It will last up to four times longer than the traditional chain 
  • There is less friction so the bike will cycle easier and lighter
  • There is less noise produced when you cycle
  • Hardly any maintenance required
  • It doesn't have to be lubricated, so you won't get your hands dirty
  • It cannot rust
  • You don't need a chain closet any more, because you can't get your clothes stuck in the chain and the Belt drive isn't afraid of a little rain or dirt. 

The Continental Belt drive that we use at Cortina has many benefits as you can see, but besides that it also just looks really nice. The Belt drive is mounted on some of our newest city bikes, which are all available for men and women:

Cortina Blau Beltdrive Continental



The Mozzo is Cortina's newest sporty bicycle, with Belt drive and stem with USB entrance and power bank, making it the perfect sporty bike to be used in the city. The Mozzo doesn't weigh much, so you can also easily hop on the metro. 


Tough, but with a minimalist design, that is the best way to describe the Blau. A nice looking sporty bike with Belt drive and stem with USB entrance and a power bank. 


The Cortina Speed is a light weight sporty bike. Very suitable to ride from one place to another in the city, for example to go to work.
Cortina Speed Herenfiets    Cortina Speed damesfiets


U4 Raw Alu Brushed

The U4 Raw is the transport bike - redesigned! Tough and robust with it's Alu Brushed frame and with Belt drive. The U4 Raw Alu Brush is available for men and also for women who like to ride a tough looking bicyle.
Cortina U4 Raw Alu Brushed herenfiets   Cortina U4 Raw Alu Brushed damesfiets


E-U4 Raw Alu Brushed

With the E-U4 Raw Alu Brushed, you can now also ride an e-bike with Belt drive. This electrical transport bike looks tough and robust due to it's Alu brushed frame. Also this bike is available for men and women.

 Cortina E-U4 Alu Brushed herenfiets   Cortina E-U4 Raw Alu Brushed damesfiets