The perfect bike for mothers

The perfect bike for mothers according to Cortina

At Cortina we created bikes, specifically and especially for mothers; the Cortina Roots, Cortina Roots Transport and Cortina e-Roots. Each bike has something specifics which makes it a perfect bicycle for mothers. But first of all, what is the difference between a regular bicycle and a bicycle for mothers? Or why should you choose for an electrical mothers' bike? On this page you will find relevant information to help you answer these and other questions, enabling you to choose the perfect bike for you as a mother - or father.  

What makes a mothers' bicycle special?

At first glance, you could think that a mothers' bicycle is just a bike like any other. However, there are a few things you might not notice, but ensure some extra safety and comfort for both you and your child(ren):

  • Low entry: this will enable you to easily get up and off your bike. Quite handy if you have a child in a seat on the front of your bike and you need to get off to help your other child, who just started cycling independantly. 
  • Extra space between the saddle and the steer: You won't notice it, but you can definately tell it if you're on the bike - especially if you have a child in a seat at the front of your bike. It is much easier to get on the saddle and you even have some extra space. This way you are more flexible and you can react quickly if something happens and you need to get off the bike. Also you can make extra speed more easily because you can move along to add extra power.  
  • Wider stear: The stear of a bike for mothers is just a little bit wider. This also gives you more space for the front seat of your child. And you can control the stear more easily, which makes it safer. 
  • Double stand: Finally you get to where you needed to be and you want to park your bike. However, when parking a regular bike will tilt because of the single stand. Not very convenient if you have a child or for example groceries on your bike. With the double stand you can actually park your bicycle upright and it is muh more stable. 
  • Stearing lock: Almost just as convenient as the double stand is the stearing lock when parking your bike. Our stearing lock is strong, but you can easily lock or release the stear. This way you might even consider letting go of the stear with your child on the bike. 
  • Coat guard: Unfortunately it still happens quite a lot that a child gets his or her foot stuck in the wheel if they are sitting at the back of your bicycle. To prevent this, all Cortina's mothers' bikes have a protective coat guard. 
  • Rear carrier: Very convenient if you want or need to have a kid seated at the back of your bicycle. At Cortina we also have a special adapter, making it suitable for nearly every child's seat. 
  • With or without a front carrier: A front carrier can be very convenient when bringing luggage or groceriers. At a regular bike you can normally not combine a front carrier and a front seat for children, because the front carrier will be in the way of the foot steps. At the Cortina Roots Transport the front carrier is positioned slightly further forward, providing enough space for the foot steps. Do keep in mind that you don't want to overload the carrier, because that will make it unstable. 

Cortina Roots

You might not be able to tell at first glance, but the Cortina Rootss is specifically made for mothers! It has the low entry, extra space between saddle and stear, stearing lock, wider stear, coat guard, double stand and rear carrier. The modern, sporty frame gives the bike a sporty look so you can also use it without children's seats. This sporty bike has 7 gears, making it easier to start cycling and to gain speed more rapidly - even if you have children and groceries on your bike. But it also makes it more comfortable to ride your bike if you have for example the wind in your back. The Cortina Roots is available in the frame sizes 51 and 56 centimer, has two break levers, suitable for a seat at the front and back and available in the following 2017's trend colours:

Cortina Roots Moederfiets


Cortina Roots Transport

Obviously we couldn't do without a transport bike for mothers since we are well-known for our transport bikes. This bicycle will effortlessly carry your kids but also big bags with supplies or groceries. The Cortina Roots Transport combines the benefits of a mothers' bicycle with the benefits of a transport bicycle. The front carrier is positioned sligthly more forward, giving the foot steps of the child's seat enough space. The nicely designed coat guards and the stylish transfers on the frame give this bicycle that extra bit of detail! Besides that, the Cortina Roots Transport also has a low entry, extra space between the saddle and the stear, a wider stear, double stand, stearing lock and a rear and front carrier. This bike also has double break levers and 7 gears, making it easy to gain speed. This is the perfect bike if you - as a mother - also want to be fashionably! Available in the frame sizes 50 and 57 centimeters and for 2017 in three new trendy colours: 

Cortina Roots Transport

  • Silver Stahl Matt - a matte, colour that you can easily combine with any outfit
  • Green Lily - a fresh and bright colour with outstanding, contrasting coat guards
  • Atlantic Blue Matt - a beautifull matte, dark blue colour with contrasting light coloured tires, saddle and handles 

Cortina E-Roots

As a mother you will appreciate every minute you have... Every day it might be a challenge to have breakfast, give your children breakfast, getting yourself and the children ready with brushed hair and teeth and fully dressed and packed for school. How lovely would it be to be able to cycle just a bit faster than normally, saving you valuable minutes? The Cortina e-Roots is the e-bike for mothers. And you can hardly tell it is an e-bike. Also the Cortina e-Roots has a low entry, extra space between the saddle and stear, stearing lock, wider stear, coat guards, double stand and a rear carrier. This e-bike has 8 gears, allowing you to gain speed easily - even if you have a lot of extra weight on the bike with your children and extra bags. The Cortina e-Roots is available with three different e-bike batteries so the battery will last longer, eventually also with a faster charger. This bike is available in the frame sizes 51 en 56 centimeter, has two break levers, suitable for a child's seat on the front and back and in 2017 available in these trend colours:

Cortina E-Roots moederfiets
  • Demitasse Matt - this matte, dark brown colour might remind you of a lovely cup of coffee
  • Snow Leopard Grey - this fresh and white colour represents your bright personality

Watch this video to see more about the Cortina e-Roots - The e-bike for mothers: 

Hopefully you have a better view on the benefits of a bicycle for mothers' and you can more easily select the perfect bike for you as a mother or a father, which is also fashionable and reflects your personality. If you have made your choice, it might be wise testing your ideal bicycle at a store nearby. Should you need more information or advise, we also suggest that you go and visit a store nearby