You grow used to some things in life so quickly that it's hard to imagine they weren't always there. When we looked around a few years ago, most of the bikes we saw were more of the same; plain colours, comparable models with lots of trimmings. Hardly distinctive at all and certainly not bikes that today's fashion-conscious men or women would like to be seen with. Time for a change we thought, because let's be honest; when you're young, you're looking for a bike that fits in but still makes you stand out. Just like your clothing, your smartphone and other accessories.

Our quest for a modern, trendy bike brought us back to basics, back to what bikes used to look like. The old, robust transport bikes introduced in the early 20th century immediately grabbed our attention. Sturdy urban bikes fitted with front and rear carriers. These bikes were mainly used by butchers and bakers to deliver orders from a large basket attached to the front.

We immediately liked the idea; to design a bike that has everything it needs, special in its simplicity. We surrounded ourselves with well-known designers from the fashion and design industry to devise a modern and especially trendy model. Our first collection of urban bikes came out in 2006, and by now many happy boys, girls, men and women ride around on a Cortina. They're bikes that can stand a bit of rough treatment; whether they're tough or romantic, they're always a little bit edgy.

These days we dare to suggest that Cortina has changed the urban landscape forever. Now there are bikes you're proud to be seen with, that suit your style. Bikes that make you happy. We'll keep that link to the world of fashion; it's our way of making sure we surprise you. It’s the use of colour, the design and small details that make the difference.