Electric bike | Range

For most Cortina e-bikes there is a choice of different batteries, for example for the E-U1 powered by Bafang (43 Volt) you can choose either a 340 or 450 Watt/hour (Wh) battery. Cortina e-bikes with a 36 Volt Ecomo motor have a choice of three batteries - 300, 400 or 500 Wh. Standard they come with a normal charger and a 300 Wh battery.

You pay an additional price for a battery with more power and a larger range. The Cortina E-Wave, with a mid-drive of Shimano STePS, comes standard with a battery of 418 Wh.

It seems like a simple question, but how many kilometres can I ride on my e-bike? The range, in other words the distance you can complete, largely depends on the way in which you use your bike. Factors that can play a role include the load of the bike (how much luggage do you carry and the weight and height of the cyclist), level of assistance, wind in the back/wind against, etc. All those factors affect how quickly the battery goes down.